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Denial Management Services

A cost effective solution for revenue recovery to ensure that appropriate payment is received for services provided. Including your Timely Filing denials

Denied Claims Are Lost Money

Denied claims are lost money, especially when claims never get resubmitted.

Sifting through the thousands of denial reasons to identify and correct errors is

time-consuming and costly. Administrative staffs are often ill-equipped or lack the

time to tackle this monumental task.


Denial Management/Timely Filing

TTS Technologies’ experience, expertise, and contingent structure provides a cost

effective solution for revenue recovery and ensure that appropriate payment is

received for services provided. We have the capacity to meet your needs and will

efficiently and effectively identify and correct errors, allowing you to collect the

money you are owed. Our denials team is committed to improving your Denial

Management process so you can free up cash and increase revenues.


Expert Appeal Professionals

TTS Technologies’ denial management process uses a highly effective

workflow and process which includes Good Faith Act, certified coding

professionals. Outsourcing your denial management to TTS Technologies will help

you increase income, reduce lost reimbursements and maximize the ability to

collect denied claims.

Client Testimony

“SPG had lost the Director of Revenue Cycle in the midst of an

implementation. As we began the search for a replacement we reached out to

numerous agencies but only TTS Technologies was persistent in their search and found

an interim to maintain and continue the implementation. All while still seeking a

permanent placement in a very difficult time and very rural area of Massachusetts. TTS

Technologies did a great job at performing triple duty, they not only provided an interim

Director of Revenue Cycle, but they also found a permanent person to fill the role.

Furthermore, TTS Technologies came in and did a review of our denials and found that

SPG could recover 65% of denied claims. TTS Technologies had success in recovering

$1.5 million dollars in 60 days of working our accounts all at a contingent rate. I highly

recommend TTS Technologies.”

Michael Callahan:

Chief Financial Officer


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